Where Did The Year Go?

It’s been almost a year to the day since my last post.  Today was supposed to be the 2nd Annual Superhontas.  Unfortunately, the recent weather patterns, freeze-thaw cycles, and today’s cold rain has thwarted those plans.  We’ll have to re-schedule.

In fact, I haven’t been riding much lately for the same reasons.  Since the day after Christmas, I have ridden a grand total of three times and none of those were local.

Santa Cruz
In January, MS, LG, and I made the pilgrimage to the Mother Land – Santa Cruz, CA.  Home of Santa Cruz Bikes.  We made the same trip in July 2017, but it ended up being a bit of a wash out. We had lots of fun, but we were left wanting more.

The weather was a little touch and go leading up to our recent visit, but we ended up blessed with sunny skies and temps in the 50’s.  For two days, we rode awesome bikes right out of the factory and enjoyed Santa Cruz’s diverse offerings — coastal, open prairies, and dark, damp redwood rainforests.

We wrapped up each day sampling beers from various local breweries.  Bikes, beers and bros.  Doesn’t get much better.


George Washington National Forest
A couple of weeks ago, Dirt & the Bane Brothers accompanied me out to the GWNF for a romp out of Braley Pond.  We climbed up Wild Oak to the top of Dowell’s Draft and continued up to Hankey Mountain.  After a nice break in a mountain top meadow, we enjoyed the reward for all of the climbing — the awesome descent.  Afterwards we hit up a couple of breweries in Staunton.  I gotta say, Staunton needs to step up their brewery game.  Then again, I may be spoiled living in the brewery heaven of the RVA.


So that wraps up recent adventures.  As for the rest of 2017, there was plenty of good times with good friends at numerous riding destinations.  2017 also saw a large amount of trail work.

There is a lot of exciting stuff on the horizon in the RVA and, specifically, Pocahontas State Park.  My crew and I also have a few new adventures planned and destinations to explore.  I’ll try to keep you posted.  Enjoy!

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1 Response to Where Did The Year Go?

  1. Susan Boyle says:

    I knew I’d been missing them–didn’t know it was that long though.

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