Our Latest Adventure: Part II

Wow, it looks like I have some catching up to do.  I guess I will start by finishing up our road trip to the 2015 UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup in Windham, NY.  If you want to see Part 1, go here.

After some shut-eye, we woke to a lovely morning and I learned that my front tire was also flat.  A reminder of a fun and rocky ride the day before.  We had new trails to ride, so MS and I repaired our flats and we all ate quick breakfasts, broke down camp, and packed up.  During the process, I learned that a pair of shorts that I had only worn twice had gone missing from the clothes line overnight.  Darn raccoons.  I hope they enjoy them.

On the way out of Warwick, we hit up Larry’s Deli for a Taylor ham, egg and cheese on a hard roll.  It’s what the locals do, and I can see why.  Warwick is a real nice area, but it was time to go. We were on our way to the trails of Jungle Habitat just up the road in West Milford, NJ.

Jungle Habitat was a Warner Brothers-owned theme park that was open in the 70’s and is now home to some very interesting trails built around the remnants of the zoo/safari.  The parts we rode were challenging, rocky, and fun (for most of us).  You definitely earn your miles at Jungle Habitat.  At least with the route we took.  In looking at the trail map since my return, there is plenty more trail to explore.  I’d like to do that someday.

After lunch and a change of clothes, we departed Jungle Habitat and headed up to the Whip-O-Will campsite outside of Windham, NY.  On the way, we stopped at The Anchor in Kingston, NY.  Not sure I would want to spend a lot of time in Kingston, but I do recommend the Anchor.

Jungle Habitat trail map

Jungle Habitat trail map

Dumptruck trail.  Sounds promising.  And it was.

Dumptruck trail. Sounds promising. And it was.

MS getting his rock slab on

MS getting his rock slab on

the smile says it all

the smile says it all

umm, yup, that's the trail

umm, yup, that’s the trail

the Anchor is a great place to refuel

the Anchor is a great place to refuel


cheers to the Catskills!

Thanks to everyone at JORBA for the great work they are doing in this beautiful part of the country. Up next – we finally lay eyes on our destination: Windham Mountain Bike Park.

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