Banff Mountain Film Festival

I was fortunate enough to attend both nights of the recent Banff Mountain Film Festival. I’ve always enjoyed this event and the wonderful collection of outdoor-inspired films that are screened. This year did not disappoint.

My favorite from Friday night was a short film titled 35.

My favorite from Saturday night was Nordfor Sola, or North of the Sun. Unfortunately, the full movie does not appear to be online (it is for sale or rent).

Here is an article with focus on their dwelling, which was a makeshift cabin that they constructed almost entirely out of trash and debris found on the beach. The article gives you some additional insight to the film and what it is about. Check them out on Facebook here. I have also included the movie trailer, which is okay, but I don’t think it does the movie justice.

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2 Responses to Banff Mountain Film Festival

  1. Brian says:

    I too was able to make both nights of the world tour. For the price of the tickets I feel like it was a steel and is the best deal in town. I would have to agree on your picks for both nights. To me North of the Sun was the best movie of the two nights. I just find their resourcefulness in being able to build that cabin incredible. It just amazes me that 3 tons of trash had washed up in that beach area.

  2. I just watched the trailers. Now, I have to see both movies. The look awesome! They will, no doubt, inspire my day. Gracias, David!

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