Winter finally set in around the RVA. Earlier this week we had our first snowfall of any account. It was only a few inches, but temps have stayed below freezing all week allowing it to stick around. So, of course, we got out yesterday morning to check it out on bikes.

Compared to morning temps earlier in the week, we were spoiled with a balmy 21 degrees at the start of the ride. With a slight wind chill to boot, it was important to cover up and layer up. I have issues with watery eyes, especially when it is cold and even when I wear glasses. So yesterday, I tried something new: snowboard goggles. They worked like a charm.

dressed to kill

dressed to kill

Riding on snow isn’t as slick as one might think. It actually provides a fair amount of traction. It is wise to be on the look out for icy patches and slippery roots as they provide zero traction. While it has positive traction characteristics, snow also provides a fair amount of resistance. After riding Green, Blue and Red — something I have done quite often — I was cooked. If you want a good workout, go ride in the snow.


I took some video, and will try to post it up soon. Interestingly, it was almost a year ago to the day that we had our last snow ride.

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4 Responses to Frostbike

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  3. whedrick says:

    It has been a while since I have logged onto your blog. I see by the number of posts that winter has not slowed you down. Btw, I like the goggles. They make you look tough.

    • Blue says:

      We try to stay out there year round. It’s been a really wet winter here though, so it’s been tough. Hard to damage frozen trails though, so riding in the snow in sub-freezing temps is the perfect time to get out and experience the trails in a different way. The goggles worked great.

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