Playing Hooky

Kids were out of school today, so I played hooky to hang with T. We woke to cold temps, so enjoyed an easy morning while the mercury rose slowly. Eventually we made our way to Pocahontas State Park. We hiked around to a few different spots to cast a line. Not a lot of activity, but we caught a couple. Spending time with T in the great outdoors on a crisp Fall day beats a day at work anytime. Need to do it more often.



we're goin' up around the bend

we’re goin’ up around the bend



old black water, keep on rollin'

old black water, keep on rollin’


I'm talking 'bout bass!

I’m talking ’bout bass!



to the next spot

to the next spot

one more cast

one more cast

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2 Responses to Playing Hooky

  1. whedrick says:

    Hooky, huh? How fun! Have you seen many snakes on these fall outings? The other day, I saw six snakes during my bike ride, either sunning themselves in the middle of the trail or crossing it. I try not to be an anti-snake person, but it was pretty creepy. Btw, that Trevor is turning out to be quite a handsome fellow.

    • Blue says:

      I haven’t seen many snakes this fall. I recall a lot of activity in the spring though. Mostly black rat snakes, which are very common in VA. They aren’t poisonous and pretty passive, but they can get large so people in the burbs freak out over them. Now copperheads are a different story…

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