I’d been off the bike for a while, and it was time for a ride. It was a night of firsts. It was the first time in a long while that I decided to include fire road in my route when singletrack conditions were good. It was the first time I wore the pair of Answer gloves that I won from last year, as well as a pair of Troy Lee Designs Ace short, which I just picked up from Chainlove. It was also the first time I had ridden solo since I don’t know when, and the first time I had ridden on clipless pedals since November.

 photo IMAG4156_zps926e7627.jpg
saw a snake down there

It was a great ride starting off on Horner Forest Trail, connecting with Fendley Station Trail for a bit, and then over to the Parallel Trail and up by the park office. I did a quick check in at the FoPSP tool shed then cruised down the road to the entrance of the Algonquian Ecology Camp. Following the camp road, I intersected Lakeview 1 and journeyed on to the west side of the LV1 loop where I jumped on singletrack.

 photo IMAG4158_zpsb59f56a9.jpg
Friends tool shed

I rode LV 1 & LV Too which eventually brought me around to the previously referenced Algonquian Camp Rd intersection where I continued to follow Lakeview to the trailhead. From there I followed my normal route back to the Qualla Connector and finally to the parking lot where it all started. It turned out to be a giant figure 8 of sorts and according to My Tracks was about 13 miles.

 photo IMAG4159_zpsa6f263d1.jpg
not so bad if you ask me, but…

 photo IMAG4161_zpse784bb12.jpg
…there’s singletrack in them there hills

Along the way, I saw several deer, a water snake, way too many squirrels, as usual, and one near miss with a frog. Stopping from time to time, it was nice to hear the forest alive with the sounds of various critters and creatures. Unfortunately, the warm temps also bring out the pesky ones, but it’s not too bad. Yet.

 photo IMAG4160_zps1686e89d.jpg
I could stay here a while

While I love singletrack, mixing the route up with fire road and doing something different was a welcomed change. Speaking of change, I am looking forward to exploring new trails out west this weekend. Some more firsts to come…

 photo IMAG4162_zpsea06a3e7.jpg

 photo IMAG4165_zps61a530cc.jpg
trailside fun guy

 photo IMAG4168_zpsb0149613.jpg
CCC Museum is getting a face lift; check it out

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2 Responses to Firsts

  1. Susan says:

    Enjoyed the photos, especially the pond. Glad you had a quiet relaxing ride.

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