Black Cat

The trails were wet today, so it was a good chance to do some minor trail work and get in a nice fire road ride. JW let me ride the Black Cat. Being a singlespeed 29er, it was a bit of a departure from what I am used to. I have to say, it was pretty sweet.

 photo IMAG4141_zpsc11fad63.jpg
Waltworks and Black Cat

 photo IMAG4140_zpsade9e3ff.jpg

 photo IMAG4142_zps4b5291be.jpg
taking a break

 photo IMAG4147_zps55b52bdf.jpg
creek crossing

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2 Responses to Black Cat

  1. Bikewright says:

    The Black Cat, was that Dirt’s bike? Great to see another Waltworks in the area!

    • Blue says:

      Yes, it is Dirt’s. Both bikes in the pic are his. He let me try out the Black Cat. It was a nice ride. I need to get a spin on that Waltworks next. Thanks for checking in.

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