Santa Cruz For Life

My buddy MS is hard on bikes. I am convinced he is a significant contributing factor to the ongoing success of the 3Sports bike shop. Destroyed rear derailleurs, jacked up bottom brackets, broken shocks, and busted wheel sets are all in a day’s work for MS. Recently, he stepped it up a notch by cracking the swing arm on his Santa Cruz Blur. Dang.

After contacting Santa Cruz and communicating with “Willie”, a new swing arm arrived at 3S and his bike was put back together. Good as new. All is well, right? Well, not so fast. Within 2 months, the new swing arm cracked. Dang!

As I mentioned, MS is hard on bikes, but in all fairness, there is no way he is punishing the bike as hard as the Santa Cruz riders do. So what gives? I can’t say. One might think Santa Cruz makes an inferior product. Being a Santa Cruz owner myself, I would disagree and chalk it up to some fluke random occurrence.

This time though, Willie stepped it up notch as well by replacing the entire frameset with a brand new 2013 Blur frameset. What? Are you kidding me? In the age of disposable goods and lackluster customer service, this is where the tire hits the trail, so to speak. Needless to say, MS is very pleased and has declared “Santa Cruz for life”.

Cheers, Santa Cruz!

Cheers, Santa Cruz!

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One Response to Santa Cruz For Life

  1. White says:

    I roll Santa Cruz

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