Trail Work Rocks!

A cold morning when the trails are wet may not be the time to ride, but it is a great time to do some trail work. Thanks to Vulcan for donating some rock to the FoPSP and to another guy who will remain nameless (because I forgot his name) for offering to pick it up and deliver it to the park in his dump truck.

Sunday morning a few of us moved some of the rock from from its initial dump site over to the location of a future trail enhancement. We made a pretty good dent in the pile before the cold rain set in and had us calling it a day.

 photo IMAG3875_zpsf9b274db.jpg
rock pile

 photo IMAG3873_zpscda96f7f.jpg
trail work also provides the opportunity to play with other toys

 photo IMAG3878_zps26d1e458.jpg

 photo IMAG3880_zps574da614.jpg
new pile

Being on the trails without the bike allows for a new perspective and a chance to see sights that often go unnoticed when riding.

 photo IMAG3877_zps201cbe24.jpg
old storm damage

 photo IMAG3872_zps89726ab5.jpg
serpentine — how much trail do you see?

The section in the foreground above is going to undergo a transformation in the near future. Rock, dirt, and good old fashioned elbow grease. Stay tuned.

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