Monster Cross

I had an opportunity to check out the Monster Cross race at Pocahontas State Park today. I was there in an “official” capacity at the Friends of Pocahontas booth, but it was really just a great excuse to hang out, talk to folks, drink coffee, and look at bikes.

check in

heading toward the starting line

I am told that about 600 racers were registered and I’d believe it. There were some well-known names in attendance, including Jeremiah Bishop. I also spoke with some proud dads, including that of Jared Neiters of Haymarket Bicycles and another dad whose name I didn’t catch, but whose 14 year old finished the first 23 mile segment in about an hour and a half. Not too shabby.

the pack

and they’re off!

Reports came in of several nasty spills on the wet course. As I was heading out, they had just brought a guy back to the start/finish area in the Gator. It looked like he got in a fight with Rocky Balboa. I talked to him briefly, and he said his wheel got caught up in some soft gravel and he went over the handlebars landing face first. Hopefully, he and everyone else that took a spill is okay.

after the start, it got real quiet…for about an hour and fifteen minutes

some of the leaders…only 27 more miles to go!

stay to the right…two-way traffic

All in all it looked like a great event bringing out all types and styles of riders. Maybe I’ll have to give it a go next year. Then again, maybe not…

I wonder if he had to pay two entry fees?

the one and only tandem I saw during the day…I guess they won their class

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