Pre-Sandy Ride

JB emailed everyone yesterday to let us know he was thinking about an early loop of JRPS. I found it interesting that he was on a tight schedule, but invited all of us along to slow him down. Mixed signals. Speaking of which, I told him I was interested in an early ride, but could also be perfectly content sleeping to a decent hour and drinking a half a pot of coffee. Both were good with me and I didn’t want to force either.

I awoke at 6AM, crawled out of bed and checked the window. No rain yet. I checked the outside temp. 59 degrees. Aside from a little breeze, there was really nothing for me to use as an excuse to stay home. Besides, there was a good chance that all the trail I was going to see in the next few weeks would be while clearing storm damage. I texted JB to let him know I was in. By 6:35, I was on the road.

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Carillon beaming in the pre-dawn darkness

It was still dark upon arrival at the dog park, but it was cool to see the Carillon lit up in the pre-dawn sky (my pic does not do it justice). Hmmm, was I supposed to bring my lights? Too late now. We got ready with just the faintest of the first morning light.

We started out of the parking lot toward Dogwood Dell, and it seemed light enough, but what about under the canopy? I’ll end the suspense for you. It was dark in there, but made for a fun and interesting ride. With the light getting brighter by the minute, things were looking good by the time we made it to the Northbank trailhead at the Pump Station.

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Buttermilk; that sliver on the horizon is the Carillon where we started

The full route was pretty typical and included Northbank, some Belle Isle Love (I think JB has the video; it was special), Buttermilk, about half of Forest Hill Park (I love the “new” line down along the creek), and Buttermilk West. It was a great ride, BMW didn’t beat me up too badly, and JB even let me lead now and again, so I must not have been riding that slowly.

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Forest Hill Park — crossing the concrete skinny

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Buttermilk switch

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dropping under the Nickel Bridge

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the Carillon was still there when we finished

I guess all that is left to do now is hunker down and wait to see what Sandy is going to do. At least my hurricane preparedness kit is coming together nicely.

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One Response to Pre-Sandy Ride

  1. whedrick says:

    Fifty-nine degrees is cold on a bike! Yikes!

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