Pre-Sandy Hike

While everyone else in Richmond seemed to be involved in a Sandy-induced-panic-stricken assault of the local grocery stores and gas stations, we decided to escape to the serene surroundings of Pocahontas State Park for a family hike. We returned to the boat ramp parking area where we parked a couple of weeks ago for the VA Waterways Cleanup and set out on the forest road toward the Forest Exploration Trail.

getting started

It didn’t take long before Trevor found a good walking stick and explored the first creek crossing. Meanwhile, Barkley’s senses were on high alert. She was definitely digging being out in the woods. We ate sunflower seeds, had silly conversations, and enjoyed an overcast, but beautiful day amongst the trees whose leaves were rapidly changing and/or falling to the forest ground.

exploring the creek

mi familia

We soon came upon an old homesite and some grave markers for a family that lived on the property in the 1800s.


We didn’t encounter much wildlife, unless you count Barkley, but Trevor found a few Granddaddy Longlegs, we saw some squirrels and birds, and some interesting fungus.



some fun guys in the forest

One of the more interesting features we encountered was Buttcrack Rock. I’ve commented before that Barkley would one day make a great trail dog. She didn’t even hesitate to scramble up to the top of Buttcrack Rock and I nearly lost her in the crack a couple of times as she was checking it out. By the way, she is sound asleep in the living room as I type this. I think she had a good work out today.

yes, Trevor is spitting water at you

splitting the difference

Barkley and me…atop the buttcrack

The end of the loop put us back in the familiar territory we explored and cleaned up a few weeks ago. Trevor wanted to show Barkley our secret fishing spot, so we obliged. The beaver hut was still there, but we still didn’t get a glimpse of the beaver.

secret spot

mamasita leading the way

Back at the parking area, Barkley had some water and Trevor headed for the swings. Not wanting to end the fun too soon, we joined him for a bit.

I don’t think Barkley and Lo understand what to do here

Back home, Trevor and I spent some time at the middle school hitting baseballs and later we toured the OHM on the longboards. Sorry, no pictures, but what a fantastic day. And there is nothing that Sandy can do to change that.

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2 Responses to Pre-Sandy Hike

  1. whedrick says:

    Beautiful fall colors! Y’all have such nice family outings.

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