A Nice Bike Day

Thursday was a nice bike day. In the morning, I went to T’s school to assist with the “bike unit” that is part of the 4th grade physical education class. I, for one, think including biking is a wonderful addition. While I spent a lot of time on a bike as a kid, riding bikes was never part of the curriculum at school.

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I helped fit helmets, adjust seats, and watch for traffic as the group rode up the hill toward the soccer fields. There were only a few kids struggling, and I spent some time encouraging one of them as he walked his bike back to the gym at the end of class. One of the coolest moments was when we were back inside the gym and I overheard one boy say, “I can’t wait to get home and ride my bike some more!” Nice.

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It was cool to help out and see so many kids having fun on their bikes, while learning helmet safety, traffic signals, and proper bike fit. Further, T was really excited to have me there, and that alone made it worth my while. I’ve got three more weeks, and look forward to seeing their progression.

After work, MS, JB, and I hit up Larus Park, which has been on my radar for a while now. The park does not have a lot of trail mileage, and they trails are laid out a bit oddly for biking, but I’m all for exploring new areas. I don’t know if it was the residual effect of working with the kids that morning, but something about these trails took me back to when I was a kid exploring the great big world on my Schwinn Phantom Scrambler. It was a good feeling.

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I had a great time getting to know this park that is nestled between neighborhoods, a mall, shopping centers, office buildings and a private school. But once you drop in, it’s easy to get absorbed by this little oasis and forget about all that surrounds it, both near and far away. I don’t foresee visiting Larus on a regular basis, but I’m glad I know it’s there and plan to stop by once in a while when I need a change of pace. Or maybe when I need to feel like a kid again.

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