The Trail to Recovery

Hi, my name is David and I am an addict. I have come to the conclusion that I have a physical addiction to riding trails. And just like an addict, coming down off the high sucks, and coming down after a binge can have serious physical consequences.

Last week, I went to Davis, WV with a group of friends. Hopefully, you will get to read about that soon enough, so I’ll save you the details. However, I rode trails for three days straight; beautiful and gnarly trails of nearly every type, terrain, and condition.

A day or so after returning home, I felt run down. My glands were swollen and a cluster of cold sores broke out on my lower lip. I initially chalked it up to the past weekend – a weekend of riding, a weekend lacking quality sleep & diet, and a weekend of being out in the elements. I’m now thinking that diagnosis was off just a bit.

Earlier in the week, I had thrown out the idea of a post-work recovery ride to the guys. It turns out that “recovery ride” may have been more accurate than I imagined. An organized group ride never came to fruition, but MS and I rode last night.

Upon arriving at the trail head, I was still feeling run down with swollen glands, a hint of a sore throat and that hideous lower lip throbbing and burning. At best, I was hoping to get a few miles under my belt before calling it a night and grabbing some dinner.

What happened though was nothing short of a transformation of medical significance. By the end of the ride, I felt rejuvenated. Alive. High. My lip even felt better. I’m confident now that my physical ailments were not the result of the prior weekend, but the result of my body reacting to coming down off of the binge.

I am an addict and riding trails is a good fix. I’m starting to get the shakes, so I guess I’ll see ya out there.

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