High Bridge State Park

Today I hauled the family down to High Bridge State Park. This is a unique state park as it is only a trail. A Rails to Trails trail to be specific.

Its centerpiece is the majestic High Bridge, which is more than 2,400 feet long and 125 feet above the Appomattox River. The original bridge was built in 1853 as part of the South Side Railroad. The current steel-tower bridge was completed in 1914. High Bridge is the longest recreational bridge in Virginia and one of the longest in the United States. More than 330,000 screws, 13,000 bolts of various sizes and 1,065 railroad ties were used to rennovate the current bridge.

Now, for bike riding, this isn’t necessarily my normal type destination. However, I had a several reasons for wanting to ride the High Bridge Trail:

1) I wanted to do a “family ride” and this seemed like a great opportunity for a fun experience
2) I have a personal goal to visit all Virginia State Parks
3) The High Bridge looks cool

We left home fairly early and made the hour-plus long ride down toward Farmville. They’ve done a great job providing parking and restroom facilities at numerous access points along the trail. We decided to hop on right in downtown Farmville. Our goal, at the very least, was to ride the 4-5 miles to the High Bridge and back to the car. We accomplished our goal and, more importantly, T and Lo had fun (so did I!). Our total mileage was just under 11 miles.

One of the “high” points for Trevor was being over a hundred feet above the Appomattox River and seeing dozens of huge catfish swimming around below. I think, more than anything, he wanted to figure out how to get down there with his fishing pole.

We followed up our ride with brunch at Charley’s Waterfront Cafe. The ride home was pretty quiet. T played DS and Lo napped, or at least rested her eyes a bit.

Photobucketloaded up

Photobucketentry point

Photobucketthe long road

Photobuckettaking a break

Photobucketour first stop on the bridge

Photobucketthe view

Photobucketthe fam!

Photobucketthe bridge

Photobucketthe Appomattox

Photobucketthe “Crossed the Bridge” dance

Photobucketanother perspective

Photobucketthe bikes taking a break on the way back

Photobucketthe High Bridge rocks!

Photobucketalmost done

PhotobucketI think T has food in his mouth

Photobucketcool willow


I want to thank Lo and T for coming with me. The high points of my day were when Trevor told me on the way back from the bridge that he was having a good time and when Lo came out to the garage afterward and thanked me for taking them to the High Bridge Trail…followed by a big hug. Like I said, mission accomplished.

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2 Responses to High Bridge State Park

  1. your momma says:

    Great pics–it was good to see you all. Glad you (all) had a good time.

  2. whedrick says:

    I have never seen a wood bridge that long. Very cool! It looks like you are crossing over the tree tops. I am adding this bridge to my wish list of places to bike. Wish you would have posted video of that “crossed the bridge” dance. 🙂

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