BWCZ – shakedown run No. 2

White and I had shakedown run #2 over the Memorial Day weekend. We had adjusted our set ups a bit from the first run, including the addition of the Revelate Designs Sling and Pockets. I also added an 18L dry bag to my set up, which was packed and tucked up in the Sling.

This mission for shakedown run #2 was to get in some singletrack miles. We dropped into the Lakeview trails at the woodshed. At first, the extra weight on the bars made things a bit unwieldy, but soon it all started to sort itself out. Within a couple minutes we were upon the creek crossing. I must admit that dropping into and climbing out was a little different with all the gear. Not bad, but different. On the climb out, we passed a dad and two kids on the climb up who seemed to be campers and not very experienced mountain bikers. I’m sure they were scratching their heads as we went by.

Ni setup

Bling setup

We rode at a easy to moderate pace, especially considering all the extra weight, and stopped a couple of times here and there. The most memorable stop was at the rock outcropping where we kicked back, had a snack, and washed it down with something cold and fizzy. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

Santa Cruz, baby

dirty little secret

As we were enjoying our little slice of heaven, a couple of hikers passed by. At first, I thought they were going to move in on our territory, but they eventually moved on down the trail. But wait, they are coming back. Oh well, we were getting ready to get back on the trail anyway. As I was walking back across the rocks toward the trail/bike, I nearly stepped on about a 4 ft black racer or black rat snake. I’m not sure how to tell them apart. Either way it was a cool encounter. While the male hiker took an interest, the female kept her distance. Once the snake passed, we engaged in some small talk and then hit the trail.

grumpy stump

heading back to the bike

we’ll call him Jake

Toward the end of the ride I was at my wit’s end with my saddle bag. Something just wasn’t right. After several stops and modifications, White finally took a look and pinpointed the issue. Bless him. He’s my saviour.

Lakeview goodness

After the ride, I made some more packing modifications and was able to get even more weight out of my backpack. I’ll probably just backfill it with beer, but whatever.

As it turns out, Red is coming along. I hope he has figured out where to pack his skillet and hair brush. It’s gonna be an awesome weekend.

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